On Broken Wings

A novel of possibility

Pages: 466
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2009
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A young woman with no past is mentored by two supermen.
Christine has no memory of her past. She’s been made a sexual slave by the Butchers, a gang of vicious bikers. After ten years' agony, she’s freed herself by committing murder and earning a faceful of hideous scars. But Tiny, the Butcher king, is obsessed with her. Her sole chance of escaping him lies in trusting a mysterious young man she’s just met.

She takes a chance, the biggest of her life, on her serendipitous rescuer, and he proves more than equal to the task. But Louis Redmond has a few secrets of his own...and they prove to be just as important to Christine’s future as his intrusion into the horror show her life has been...

The second volume of the Realm of Essences saga.
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Francis W. Porretto is an engineer, fictioneer, and commentator. He operates the Eternity Road Website (http://eternityroad.info), a hotbed of pro-freedom, pro-American, pro-Christian sentiment, where he and his Esteemed Co-Conspirators hold forth on every topic under the Sun. You can email him at fwp@eternityroad.info.

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