Evolution And Creation Different Sides of The Same Ignorance

Author: Menelik Ngene
Pages: 32
Language: English
Publication date: 08/03/2021
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Biological scientist and Bible preacher explored the subject of human origins and uncovers new knowledge
The theories of human Evolution and special creation are two sides of the same deception and ignorance which were invented by religious men, beloved by fools and spread by scientific and scriptural ignorance.
These two funny theories on human origins have one thing in common: no real evidence, just fable tales.
No one has shown anyone any evidence of any monkey or ape populations that are changing into humans or giving birth to humans as part of the supposedly still ongoing evolutionary process.
Interestingly, No one has shown anyone any evidence of any God producing humans from the dust of the earth; or any evidence of any human populations that were made from the dust of the earth. When asked for proof of their claims on human origins, both creation and evolution propagandists resort to fable tales and fabricated stories of what may have happened before any human was born or what may have happened after the current human populations are dead.

Either way, you will not be around to see any monkeys giving birth to humans; neither will you be alive to see any God creating humans from the dust of the earth. This explains why ignorant people had used creation and evolution as their favorite reason to hide their ignorance and justify shameful racist wrong doing

Most people, who believe that humans were given birth by apes and monkeys always based their ignorant assumptions on the writings of a scripturally ignorant ex Christian and quack scientist called Charles Darwin, But Charles Darwin had never specifically seen, said or provided any evidence any human population that were either born by apes or monke
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Christian ChukwumaNgene is a biological scientist, humanitarian human rights champion, a retired cross cultural missionary pastor, and knowledge innovation legend and world leader.

His Bible study books on sex, dating, marriage, romance, relationship and human evolution has introduced new knowledge system and success solution ideas that changed everything everyone thinks they knew about these subjects
His intellectual property, unique knowledge system, knowledge innovation, insight and success solutions propositions in climate change to corona virus pandemic is easily the most frequently instantly hacked and copied knowledge economy by global institutions, heads of governments, and their helpers in the global media using their expired experts from expired big name institutions which helped create the problems Menelik Ngene keeps solving at his own expense.
The hacked, copied and twisted weak fake versions of the 1992 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER article he wrote and published as the editor in chief of EUPHORBIA, the University of Jos student science Journal of Botany had secretly helped CHINA develop and sustain its current competitive technological and economic advantage over USA, Europe and the rest of the world.
The hacked, copied and twisted weak versions of another article he wrote on and published on EUPHORBIA, the above mentioned UNIVERSITY OF JOS STUDENT scientific JOURNAL OF BOTANY about the ALGAE has secretly helped Israel, Exxon Mobile etc to begin research & development work on ALGAE as renewable GREEN ENERGY source.
The cheap copy of his world record academic scientific research work published he submitted as his undergraduate scientific research work has won Nobel Prizes for British and US scientists
The hacked, copied and twisted weak versions of his internet posts, writings and published book on climate change has become a secret Pathfinder for all of EUROPEAN UNION,USA, UN and allied work

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