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A War Romance
This story concerns Eva van de Leyhn, daughter of a catholic father and a Jewish mother, and Wolfgang von Berging a German engineer and how fate brought them together. After falling in love and marrying they set out for Wolfgang’s home, in Nazi Ger read more ...
3.99 €
A Zombie Comedy
Our main character finds himself, after a boozy night out and a fight in which he is bitten, still somewhat inebriated, in the foggy town square, confronted by a group of trouble-making skinheads, but the situation changes dramatically after they are read more ...
0.99 €
A Tale of the Holocaust.
Ellen Kaempfer and Betty Holstein, Jewish sisters, are deported by cattle train, from Hamburg to a work camp in Poland, over a week-long journey without food or drink with only a bucket for a toilet; a train journey filled with death. Before they l read more ...
4.49 €
am an author and I was born in Athens (Greece). I studied for seventeen years Archaeology and History in Greece and in Italy. I have a PhD in Medieval History from the University of Athens (2006) and I speak English, French and Italian. I was awarde read more ...
200.00 €
Japanese Languange Edition Ultimate
The Translation of Holy Quran (聖クルアーン) Japanese Languange Edition Ultimate The Holy Quran (聖クルアーン) are Islamic sacred book, believed to be the word of Allah SWT (God) as dictated to Prophet Muhammad SAW by the archangel Gabriel and written down in read more ...
2.65 €
A short history of the German capital in 81 curious episodes
Where do the lifelines of potatoes, quantum mechanics, kindergartens, Depeche Mode and modern condoms coincide? In Berlin: a city that, since its comparatively late birth, has gone from a backwater town to Hitler’s capital to a left-field metropolis read more ...
5.99 €
History of the Jews
History you jews of the same time you your own way home to the state and local his first two years ago the same thing right about now that I'm not sure how I feel so bad that the company and be able the same time I see you at t the day before the sta read more ...
4.43 €
God used Daniel as his mouthpiece to rise, take over & establish God's kingdom in the corridors of power. The voice of the people isn't always the voice of God. If it were so, Noah wouldn't have won. Noah looked stupid & foolish in the eyes of me read more ...
8.86 €
Esta EDICION EXTENIDA de “ORGULLO Y PREJUICIO” incluye: - Introducción de la obra - Biografía de Jane Austen - Resumen del libro - Análisis de la obra - Impacto de la obra - ACERCA DEL LIBRO: Orgullo y prejuicio, publicada por primera ve read more ...
3.49 €
Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 108 Al-Kautsar (Nikmat Yang Berlimpah)
Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 108 Al-Kautsar (Nikmat Yang Berlimpah) The River of Paradise Versi Bilingual. Surah Al-Kausar atau Al-Kawthar adalah surah ke-108 dalam Al-Qur'an. Surah ini tergolong surah Makkiyah dan terdiri dari 3 ayat yang menjadi s read more ...
1.79 €
9/11 happened in 2001 but still the true perpetrators of this crime have not been held accountable. There is a lot of evidence which suggests that Israel, Mossad and their Jewish Zionist control of the American government and Media were behind the pl read more ...
1.50 €
The Tale of the Sometime King of the Folk of the Wedergeats
Beowulf is arguably one of the most important works of Old English literature. The date of composition is a matter of contention among scholars; the only certain dating pertains to the manuscript, which was produced between 975 and 1025] The author w read more ...
3.84 €
Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 02 Al-Baqarah (Sapi Betina) The Cow
Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 02 Al-Baqarah (Sapi Betina) The Cow Versi Bilingual Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 02 Al Baqarah (Sapi Betina) The Cow Edisi Bilingual Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Bahasa Indonesia. Surah Al-Baqarah (bahasa Indonesia: 'Sapi read more ...
1.91 €
Ezekial is troubled by his old girlfriends' new Babylonian boyfriends. 'She doted on her lovers, the Assyrians, her neighbours, who were clothed with blue, captains and rulers, all of them desirable young men, horsemen riding upon horses.' read more ...
0.88 €
Peranan Utama Kaum Wanita Muslimah Pada Masa Kehidupan Nabi Muhammad SAW Keberadaan seorang wanita muslimah memiliki andil besar dalam membantu kemajuan ajaran agama Islam. Tinta emas Sejarah telah mencatat beberapa peran penting kaum wanita musl read more ...
1.91 €
As World War II grinds to a halt with the inexorable destruction of Germany, General Hermann Fegelein, a very discouraged veteran of the Eastern Front, is assigned by his friend, Reichsfuhrer Himmler, to the Berghof as liaison with the Fuhrer's comma read more ...
9.62 €
Publishws in 1516, in Latin, Sir Thomas More's text describes the perfect society including detailed descriptions of the perfect kind of ruler. Sir Thomas writes at length of the ethos, economy, and class structure of an ideal system of government. M read more ...
1.91 €
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