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A vampire king seeks vengeance for his imprisonment in a town called 'Reverence'
An immortal teenage vampire king called Cassian and his cult of vamps(the nine) are forced by Washington's ruthless shadow security body 'DRAGNET' to remain in Reverence town. To make things worse Cassian's old nemesis sneaks into Reverence, killing his way through the vampire clan. Cassian doesn't notice this. He is distracted by the mysterious and beautiful, but troubled Abigail White. But Abigail has her sights set on courting the attention of a murderous stranger with a dark, twisted past that seems to be connected to Cassian. Chaos is unleashed on the streets of London, and England is overrun by hordes of zombie-like creatures, as a deadly virus is unleashed. Detective Bullock's daughter goes missing, as she and her ex husband get caught up in a zombie apocalypse created by an immortal vampire's very personal agenda. The vampire king desperately seeks to make the world his private feeding ground, riding on the back of a zombie army.

Chapter 1
Yesterday, I woke up in a bed that wasn't my own. My head is aching, and I feel thoroughly spent. The stench of sweaty sheets, and the sweet aroma of burning scented candles assault my senses.
I just lay there, gazing at the ceiling, chewing on the broken chalice of indecision. Sometimes it's hard for a vane man, to see past one's own hubris. I've been here before, done this lame dance several times. It should have been enough.
I should have had enough, but somehow I keep getting pulled back into this life. The one I stumbled into, and somehow I can't get a clean break from. It was there, dangling before my very eyes.
The lifeless, hollow eyes in its sockets, staring at me. Perhaps I should have flinched, said a prayer, or showed some emotion. The truth is I just didn't care. Underneath the frost that had built up around my ticker over the years, I could not find myself. Maybe daddy didn't read me enough bedtime stories, maybe I got picked on a lot at school, and now I'm a broken sociopath, lashing out at humanity for not intervening, for letting all of it, all of my car crash of a life, snowball into this hideous thing wrapped beneath an impressive Armani suit. I never wanted this. I never wanted to cave her head in with the scotch bottle, and string her up on the chandelier. Now I have awoken here, alone with blood on my hands.
It tastes like pomegranate and wild berry. Its been so long since I could actually appreciate the subtle tastes of human food. Now every pulse, every tiny heartbeat only draws out the buried demon.
I had held him at bay for three hundred and fifty years, but now he has scratched the surface. He his crawled out of the snow globe. I cannot hold it in anymore. I am not a vampire, I am something worse, I eat them for breakfast, and bathe in their ashes.
'Sorry Genevieve, this wasn't personal, it was just simple sustenance. I was hungry, you were available,' Philippe mutters, whispering into the ears of a desiccated corpse, which was dangling precariously from the luxurious light fittings. I turn my back on the dangling, gruesome, unsightly thing my torture technique had created. The dried up body soon started to move. It's hands twitches repeatedly within the confines of a silver-coloured handcuff.
I turn back, and her bloodshot eyes are before me. The blood sucking abomination, bearing her fangs with the fire of a woman scorned. It was a night which I did pour much scorn on the vile creature. Before she could take her pound of flesh, my knife was in her throat. There was blood spatter on my face. I wipe it with a handkerchief, and look into the abyss. She was a soulless wench, preying on hormonal, small minded, human men. I am simply taking from the stilleto wearing seductress, what she has stolen without consent.
'Cassian will hunt you down, and he will cut you in half. You're a walking target now,' Genevieve howled in agony.
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