How to Get Fat, Poor, and Diseased Without Even Trying

Collection of hilarious comedy sketches

Author: Joshua Busch
Pages: 137
Language: English
Publication date: 05/01/2011
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Collection of hilarious comedy sketches
“I laughed so hard reading this book that I walked off a roof. The broken bones didn’t even hurt at first, because I was still laughing about the story I just read,” said one reader.

How to Get Fat, Poor, and Diseased Without Even Trying is a collection of hilarious comedy skits by Joshua Busch, author and cartoonist whose warped yet innocent view of the world will keep you reading well into the night. Here are some of the skits: A camper talks a bear out of eating him. Bigfoot reveals he’s running for president in an interview. A nephew tells his aunt his dream of being a bank robber. A patient tells his doctor he was hurt playing golf on a freeway at night. Hagiliscious needs the wart of a married virgin and the ear of a has-been celebrity for her love spell. A man gets the death penalty for not making the bed. A one-armed man explains he lost his arm going after his keys that fell into lava.
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Joshua Busch runs the comedy cartoon magazine The Very Good Bad Comedy Show.

Follow Joshua on Twitter where he only tells jokes. @JoshuaBusch

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