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It isn't until Donald Roth meets his son's future in-laws that he realizes he is tired of a three-speed life. Time to move up. When Donald was a kid in the late 60's on the South Side of Chicago, he had a Schwinn Sting Ray bike. Everyone did. But read more ...
2.29 €
Collection of hilarious comedy sketches
“I laughed so hard reading this book that I walked off a roof. The broken bones didn’t even hurt at first, because I was still laughing about the story I just read,” said one reader. How to Get Fat, Poor, and Diseased Without Even Trying is a col read more ...
1.49 €
In this Tract Book, Anthony J. Fejfar presents us with an Allegorical Tale about Corporal Anton Schweik, who served in the Austro-Hungarian Army aroud the year 1910. This book is a political satire written in the style of Kafka. read more ...
6.99 €
This is a science fiction short story about an early retirement ruined whole-heartedly by an overly exuberant and troublesome self-actuated home loveseat. The name of the monkey-wrench throwing loveseat, is Jim. read more ...
1.57 €
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