The Drifting Trailer Man

Author: Rebone Makgato
Pages: 17
Language: English
Publication date: 11/07/2011
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A has-been entertainer befriends a young girl
A washed-out former entertainer turns up on the streets of a quiet suburb. Down on his last penny, he spends his days drifting, longing for the past glory and watching the sunset. Nobody knew who he was - and no one cared - until ten year old Donna stepped into the caravan.

For Sam and Sina, watching their daughter Donna befriend a strange old man set alarm bells ringing.

But it was Donna's insistance that the trailer man was her friend that set the pair off to confront the down and out drifter.

Turns out the drifter was a forgotten down and out entertainer who had fallen on hard times.

However, one artefact displayed in the caravan reels Sina's mind back to her glory days...

And turns back the hands of time.

Was the drifting man the person she thought he was?
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