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Romantic poems about the feeling of being in love that do not lack a certain depth. In her newest works, Agnes Maria describes the always new and constantly changing feelings of new love that offer new sights on one's own being through the ever deepe read more ...
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The best poetry 180
This work is a collection of poetry. These poems include adventure poetry, love poems, poetry about holidays, poetry about animals, and poetry about children. Some of these poems are fairy tales,others could be labeled as adult. read more ...
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Love Is A Sweet Fanatsy
There are different kinds of love blooming around us, we come across a few of them and a few remain undisclosed. Here, I’m describing the kinds of love I have come across. Find out how different is my known love kinds from yours. This book brings to read more ...
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Love songs and other lyrics.He has recorded two CDs: 'DREAM' with his lyrics (2001) and 'LOVE SONGS' in collaboration with the U.S poet - Glenn Smith (2002). The owner of several music awards. read more ...
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Man is the product of environmental interaction, man is composed of environment, body, mind, emotion and reason, and human love is also composed of these parts, poetry as a direct form of language expression, but also must be composed of these parts. read more ...
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Urban post-postmodern poems from the avant-pop, avant-porn school of iconoclast literature! Louis Kahn Nin does not heed momma's advice and gets involved with members of the opposite sex who drink too much and live hard lives of broken promises a read more ...
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Selected Poems of Love, Truth and little Malice
These poems are mainly written in the year from 2013 to 2015. The collection includes some of my poems written during this period. Million Missing Wishes of Winter is a collection of poems that relates to you and I, our dreams, wishes, longings, sorr read more ...
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Volume 1
This volume written over twenty years is comprised of sonnets, odes, and free verse. The poetry is introspective and cathartic in nature and deals with the angst of loving and not being loved back. The common theme is Icarus. Icarus is of course famo read more ...
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