Pussy's Bow

Author: Neal Drinnan
Pages: 200
Language: English
Publication date: 24/04/2011
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Second novel by Australian writer Neal Drinnan
Murder, ghosts, and runway modeling. The basic ingredients: a wealthy 34-year-old gym junkie doctor with a taste for steroids; a pompous and tarnished English ex-pat with a master's in expediency; a successful, sexy young Vietnamese artist; a glamorous if somewhat nosy female neighbour; a gorgeous, ambitious young country stud of uncertain sexuality; the ghost of a Jewish architect from the 1930s ... and a withered society hostess with a secret. Beneath all the fun and glamour, this is really a story about the nature of prejudice and how people might attempt to defy it by accumulating wealth or scrambling for respectable positions. Yet, all are ultimately vulnerable.
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