A Dishonourable Profession

Author: John Eidemak
Pages: 351
Language: English
Publication date: 01/08/2016
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This exciting thriller is the third book by bestselling author John Eidemak
2nd Edition.

Following a military career, Alex Martell starts working for an auto tool company in London - which has a production factory in Albania. Alex becomes aware that this factory could possibly manufacture the machine gun which Alex has designed … that is, of course, if the factory owners in Albania can be persuaded to take that moral step.

Meanwhile, on the other side of London, Gemma Lott is building up her computer game company with honest hard graft. Following a family tragedy, her sole focus is to give herself and her oldest friend, the outrageous Karla, a steady income.

Then, by chance, a simple act of fate crosses the paths of Gemma and Alex.
They fall deeply in love, get married and create a happy family.

Alex keeps his real business a dark secret from Gemma. He is unable to tell her that the tool company in London, which he now owns, is actually a front for selling machine guns to terrorist organizations. Due to its expansion - most activities having been moved abroad for security reasons. Alex never feel secure but accept it as part of his life

Years pass before Gemma suddenly stumbles upon the truth about her husband’s seriously questionable profession. Their comfortable and seemingly happy life is within hours turned upside down. Shocked and horrified, she is confronted by a dilemma. The world press are demanding answers, which she can’t give – while she is considering their children and their previous happy life together. Should she stand by her morale principles … or should she stand by her man?

The depth of Alex’s deceit not only puts Gemma and her family at risk but also her successful computer game company. Karla persuades her to go to the police right away.

Alex immediately flees to a remote church in Jutland, Denmark and then into hiding in an abbey in France. Gemma, meanwhile, is left in London to face the consequences alone of Alex’s dishonourable profession. She finally ends up in prison herself, having not being believed.

Gemma can neither forgive nor forget her husband and some years later she goes in search of Alex.
This exciting thriller by bestselling Scandinavian author John Eidemak, tells the story of what in life can be most valuable.
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Who is John Eidemak?
A man with hands on experience, from company start-ups, to running large international enterprises. His characters are built up layer by layer and are truthfully unforgettable. Their relationships, even in this uncompromising world, are brought tenderly to life, due to John’s thorough knowledge of all walks of life.

John was born in Scandinavia, married, with two grown up children and has lived in London, England and the South of France for forty years. His second crime novel, Sincere Deceit is also available on Amazon Worldwide in trade paperback and Kindle formats. He is currently working on his third novel.
Tags: Crime Thriller

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