My Favourite Murders

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Publication date: 23/05/2021
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Earth’s surviving wild animals could be seen in zoos, the only wild birds that survived were the scavengers and a few house sparrows. On the good side, the air had become cleaner, due to the fact that Earth’s oil, coal and gas supply
On the downside, the ozone layer was still in a bad way and the world’s rain forests were slowly drying up, no longer protected by the global dimming effect which was, the scientists said, diminishing faster than the thin gaps in the ozone layer were healing, and the sun was still the highest cause of cancer worldwide. In New York City, New York, once a typical multi-racial city, a Caucasian face was now a rarity except in Blanco town, ten square kilometers of fenced-in, concrete apartment blocks, a complex built onto the docks in the twenty-twenties, a totally white community, with their own rules, staying whenever possible, inside the law.
All over the country, the use of synthetic drugs was still on the rise and the death rate caused by drug misuse was higher than ever, and the hunt for one particular notorious drug baron, in New York City, eventually took precedence over everything else…
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About the Author
Rebecca-Angela Suljic-Taylor (pseudonym Ellen Elizabeth Dudley) a qualified Downes-Syndrome childcarer, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany, near the Dutch border, after co-writing and editing over ninety e-books and numerous paperbacks of different genres with her father. The genres are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Science-Fiction-Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, Poems, and tales of the Holocaust.

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