Summer of Eighty-Four

Author: Rebone Makgato
Pages: 378
Language: English
Publication date: 11/07/2011
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Suzie, wife of Polokwane millionaire turns up dead one morning.
Mrs Suzie Madia, wife of Polokwane City millionaire, is found murdered in her hotel room one morning. Mr Madia spares no expenses to have the killer of his wife brought to book. He hires his friend, a one time disgraced investigative reporter to unravel the murder of his wife.

Mr Madia is a filthy rich businessman living it up in Polokwane City. His wife Suzie is a stunning head-turner who operates a hotel empire. Life seemed to come on a silver platter...

Until one morning when Suzie turns up smashed and battered in her hotel room...

Very very dead.

Mr Madia couldn't trust the cops to catch his wife's murderer. So he turns to his old friend Solly ka Afrika to investigate.

Trouble is Solly is a disgraced one-time investigative reporter whose fall from grace was as spectacular as Suzie's murder.

Then out of the past emerges a roughneck jailbird out for revenge. The convict hunts for a man called The Pastor who happened to owe him a pile of dosh.

Solly finds the convict's sudden appearance and Suzie's death an eerie coincidence....
His investigations take him deeper into the murky world of Johannesburg robberies and swindlers

Solly ka Afrika treads on dangerous ground as he tries to find... and catch the murderer of the wealthiest woman in Polokwane City.
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I am a novelist, poet, short story writer and an investigative journalist. I have written a number of books and winning short stories. They are also available in paperback on For more information visit my website: You can also check out my blogs, The Winning Writer on, Writes On Rebone on

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