Author: NL RINKU
Pages: 425
Language: English
ISBN: 9783962468002
Publication date: 01/02/2014
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Wars to get back the earth from cruel robotic leaders, in future.
The universe is being revolutionized. Human civilization has always new shapes by various kinds of monstrous characters for a decade. Less than fear perhaps we did not stop here. In 2036, when we chose human machines as our guides, we thought that they obey our orders. The thing did not happen, as we think about them. Slowly robotic leaders began to control us. They tortured us. They killed our people. They killed my father in 2067 and raped my mother. In 2096 announced that it the third world war. As a reporter, I began to look for the secret behind her sudden fight announcement. Most people thought Machinery us because of the natural oil mool be used to win the speed of missiles against citizens of the moon.
Machine broke the galaxy bond. They won the violence in the first world more than ten times Diotis.
And the critical situation made to save the world on a mission for us. We chose some people rebel against robotic leaders and their armies. We built Companies-3071, an underground scientific experiment at home to train us and to make us fighters.
So we could save the world from cruel machines and their armies? What we have during the mission? We have to make our trip Second World Hovlef? We have to fight for foreigners? You can repeat to explore about the past, but not on its transactions, why not? Does it affect the human knowledge or something else? Only we know, and you should learn not to do wrong more.
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Hi, this is NL. Rinku, a science fiction and fantasy author who likes to imagine new worlds and galaxies. You can also call me a dreamer, I do not against. With a lot of curiosity and happiness that I live to a new life. I always change myself. My lifestyle is very different and my thoughts. I have delicious rice-water villages learning to urban life Pizza and KFC chicken. I saw beautiful mountains, green gold wheat fields and ponds of the highest villages and subway skyline cities, including the terrorist areas and jungles of the country. I have heard stories of my royal spirit and villagers, real events and counterfeiting. I enjoyed thousands of village festivals in 22 years. I visited different cultures and religions, although it is not grace in the eyes of society.
Now he comes to science and fiction. I hope that I will let you visit new worlds through my deep imagination. You want to meet new things here. She would like to speak their language. Certainly, you will learn to create things you never dreamed before. My friends, we will change the world. We will see a mechanical universe.
And yes, they will be very interesting for everyone. Thank you

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