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An Old, Always Modern Story

Author: Julia Jackson
Pages: 62
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2008
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Adventures of Dr. Judy Green
It is about young and attractive doctor Judy Green, who finds herself involved in mafia machinations. The story develops against the backdrop of a poignant and engaging plot that is not without poetic inspiration or subtle and sparkling wit. It is written in clear and accessible language and leaves the reader feeling uplifted.
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Raised in a family with a strong medical background, from childhood she loved and respected this profession. She graduated from one of the country's finest medical schools. As a student, she drank thirstily from the cup of knowledge, and since concluding formal study she has continued to constantly refresh and expand her knowledge. With a talent for scientific research, she has completed several substantial investigations, the results of which she has published and reported at international scientific congresses. She is an avid athlete, has an ear for music, plays several instruments, likes to dance, and speaks a number of languages.
She began writing well into her adult years. An Old, Always Modern Story is her first work.

...At this point my eyelids started to become very heavy. The previous night had been a stressful one at the hospital, and exhaustion was taking its toll. I didn't even notice how I drifted off to sleep.
…The creaking and banging of boards could be heard that day long before dusk set in. The locals were certain that this noise was coming from the old, overgrown graveyard beyond the swamp on the far end of town. Everyone was getting ready for Halloween, and indeed there was quite a commotion at the graveyard. The guest of honor at this year's dance was a Hungarian Baron renowned for his exceptional good looks and wealth. All the "dusty" single beauties in town were busy putting the finishing touches in place for their encounter with the Baron. Rumor had it, however, that the Baron had recently fallen in love, and, wishing to impress the new object of his affections, he had assembled the world's finest musicians and dancers and was soon to arrive with his entourage.
Evening fell. It seemed as if the stars and moon were shining brighter than usual in the sky, as if they had been polished for the occasion. The swamp on the edge of town had suddenly been transformed into a deep, clear lake intersected by a glimmering path of moonlight, on which, to everyone's amazement, the Baron suddenly appeared. He was walking hand in hand with a stunning beauty, and behind them trailed his entourage.
All eyes were glued to the Baron's companion.
The moonlight fell on her alabaster face and shoulders. She was dressed in a black lace dress that traced the delicate form of her lissome waist. On her chest flamed a heart-shaped ruby that hung from a velvet ribbon around her neck. Curls of thick, mahogany, slightly reddish hair cascaded onto her bare shoulders; her large, dark eyes, outlined by long eyelashes and dark brows, radiated a soft light. Her crimson lips formed a slightly contemplative smile.
The woman was ravishing. A gasp of tremulous admiration escaped the assembled onlookers and merged into a resonant echo that reverberated over the lake.
Immediately behind the couple followed a tall lady dressed in black. She carried a dark green velvet pillow on which a small kitten was peacefully sleeping. The Baron and his beautiful companion, along with a portion of his entourage, took their seats in an emerald-green tent that had been prepared for them. In response to the Baron's subtle gesture, the music and dancing commenced. Everyone present was enchanted by the spectacle. The lithe dancers soared into the air like birds and executed elaborate pirouettes before alighting. Their colorful costumes were striking in their variety. A wide range of emotions had been woven into these dances – fire and passion, tenderness and beauty, Outbursts of raging tempests alternated with a gentle and caressing calm…
The night passed like a single gust of wind, and soon dawn began to break. The Baron, his beloved, and his entourage disappeared as unexpectedly as they had appeared. Morning dawned, and the swamp's wildlife reclaimed its domain. Not a trace of the night's wonders remained.
A loud banging awakened me. Opening my eyes, I glanced at the clock: it was three in the morning. The noise was coming from outside the house – someone was knocking at the door. I quickly got dressed, went to the door and asked, "Who's there?" ...

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