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Armourer Book One Of The Burgundiians

Author: Steve Brooks
Pages: 200
Language: English
Publication date: 07/07/2011
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An historical fiction fantasy based on the Fall of the Nibelung
Thousands of Barbarians flooded west of the Rhine in the wake of Attila’s lust for power and unquenchable thirst for blood. Men wandered the plains and forests looking for a place to belong. Their stories lost in the mud and tracks made by wagons. Their loyalties lost and their sense of place and meaning eroded. This made them more dangerous than soldiers or gladiators or even the Hun. They became wild animals and fought for themselves. Some formed packs like dogs but a few wandered alone and sometimes once in a while, they wandered into a fight they had all but forgotten

The Armourer is Hildebrand. Exiled in disgrace twenty years before from his birthplace, the Burgundiian forged his name in blood under the service of Honorius, Emperor of Rome. “ The lands would shake until the mountains fell into the sea and the birds fell out of the sky. ‘Hildebrand’”… he dreams of being back in his beloved homeland. Returned to a family he destroyed and to a son and daughter of whom he knows nothing.

Some will live, many will die and some dreams can never be realised.

Exil in Schande für mehr als zwanzig Jahren, hildebrand Wünsche zur Rückkehr zu seiner Heimat von Burgundii, wo eine Heimat, die er zerstört, sowie einen Sohn und Tochter er weiß nichts über, erwarten ihn. bedient sich Balmung, König der nibelungen, hildebrand startet seine trek homeward, aber Unvorhergesehenen komplikationen bald gefährden den Erfolg von seinen Kreuzzug - nicht zuletzt die eine Vielzahl von Verbündete und Feinde, die er Begegnungen auf dem Weg.
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Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Steve Brooks had spent his early years writing science fiction and horror stories to entertain his family and friends. Steven excelled in history during his schooling and pursued a personal interest in European history since.

Steven left Brisbane in 2004 to travel the world with his wife Kerri-Ann. They spent over a year going through various countries and in Europe spent most of their time in Germany. Here Steven fell in love with the Bavarian mythology and spent many hours visiting castles and villages off the Romantische Strasse. Stories of Ludwig, The Swan Knights and Hildebrand filled his head with wonderful imagery and he kept them close to his heart, even after leaving Europe. He knew he wanted to write about this interesting piece of history and decided to embrace the allure of storytelling and quickly began studying to become a novelist. Steven's love of storytelling was uncontrollable and once he began typing he never stopped.
Steven's first novel: Armourer: Book One of the Burgundii is to be self publihed with Bookpal in Jjanuary 2010.

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