Italian Aurora

This book is a life style, like happiness.

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respect, sharing, kindness, passion, ... can have the same meaning
I'm sure you are tired of reading books where pessimism is king.
Italian Aurora is different: the characters bring optimism, because they show braveness, passion, taste, determination in tackling all the situations of life... and they have fun, live emotions, succeed in their endeavours. How?
By taking life as a game to play. To play in accordance with their own desires, disregarding what the mainstream says them to do. Indeed the characters choose often against the current because they know what it is good for them and they pursue their happiness, they do not chase what the television ads tell them to desire.
So you will be fairly surprised by each page of this book.
You will be surprised by how the character Treasure reaches the success by relying on teachings he got while travelling. By how Galileo determines a joyful outcome by doing the opposite of what the majority does. By how Blessed wins by disregarding the failures and focusing on the good first steps.
Many other characters are waiting for you to discover a total different approach to life from the one the society proposes us every day. An happier, more successful one.
The novel is split in two parts: the first tells about a wedding, the second about a cycling stage race. The characters spring to life in both setting to express their joy, their solutions to every problem.
This book is a life style, like happiness.
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Here's the story of last new year's eve
The first 10 minutes have been a success. The following hour, a triumph. The rest of the time, a blockbuster.
I decided to spend the night of New Year’s eve by walking with a billboard (actually a cardboard bag) in order to advertise my book. It ended with 2 hugs (from a blonde and a brown hair women), 6 photos together with fans or alone, hundreds of handshakes, thousands of “Happy New Year”, hundreds of people reading “Italian Aurora” for themselves and their friends, tens of people asking me what “enlighten your reading time” means, a few tens reading the slogan flawlessly and congratulating for the choice of words and message, tens of foreign people screaming “Italian”/”Italy”, one protest, a couple of “bollocks”, two missed sales (I didn’t have the book with me), 3 people lightly trying to destroy the billboard, one note with my name for a drunk person to remember who I am the next day, endless smiling (by me, by the other people), few protests (meaning non-sense) by some Italians and tens of Italians enjoying the advertisement of our culture.
Choice of “Italian” for the title has been the best choice, the white billboard was not too high, not too big, it was perfectly visible, it endured pouring rain. I ended the night by having talked with maybe 15 people. It was a dive in the sea of people who were there to have fun; who were kind, appreciative, willing to meet other people; it was a moment of sharing.
Yesterday I was myself. People enjoyed it. It was fun.

Da piccolo sognavo di diventare calciatore e, quando ho visto l’Ingegnere Gheddafi debuttare a 29 anni in serie A, mi sono detto: ripercorrerò i suoi passi.
Sono diventato Ingegnere ma non ho (ancora) debuttato in serie A, a 31 anni.
A circa 20 anni mi sono appassionato ai libri di De Crescenzo, un altro ingegnere che ha cambiato carriera. Scherzando, mi sono detto che anch’io lascerò l’IBM per diventare scrittore a tempo pieno.
Non ho ancora lavorato per l’IBM, tuttavia inizio a sentirmi scrittore.
A 25 anni un compagno di Erasmus, tedesco, notando quanto fosse particolare il mio stile di vita e i miei interessi (quanto fossi “strano”, a dirla breve), disse: “tu finirai per scrivere”. Era destino.

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