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Le piège à papillons

Author: dennis jon
Pages: 246
Language: French
ISBN: 9786162220715
Publication date: 22/04/2011
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Avec du recul, peut-être que voltiger en dehors de la ligne rouge des guides touristiques n’était pas vraiment une bonne idée. Mais n’a ni voltigé ni prévu comme ses vacances se déroulent dans le temps réel. En agissant sans conséquence, il découvre que la vraie vie est plus marrante, folle, et plus intéressante que la fiction comme il rencontre des hooligans de football, des guides touristiques malhonnêtes, des prostituées de domino, des vendeurs corrompus à la racine, des travestis vedettes de karaoké, des bandes de masseurs dans les toilettes et des anges — pas avec des ailes et des auréoles, mais en strings et en talons aiguilles.

Alors qu’il poursuivait ses désirs les superficiels, il trouve qu’il est lui-même en danger de devenir un personnage fictif, comme il se débat pour tracer une ligne entre le fantasme et la réalité.
Penser à la vérité est trop compliqué, il tourbillonne dans un réseau de déception qui ultimement se démêle et le mène tête la première dans — Le piège à papillons.
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Dennis Jon is a Canadian author living in California. Born to the children of poor immigrants, Dennis was the first of his family to graduate from High School. He then went on to Art School, inspiring his family to question his sanity, “Who the hell is going to pay you to draw pictures?”

It wasn’t long before Dennis found himself in the advertising and design industry in San Francisco. Now a Creative Director at a major agency, Dennis puts most of his creative talent to work telling other designer’s what to do, but still gets involved in select hands-on projects, designing advertising and websites for both Fortune 500 companies and small-time startups. His experience in the advertising world, where the job is to bend people’s brains to consume meaningless objects for imaginary benefits, has caused Dennis to question nearly all aspects of “consensus reality.”

Recognizing that real knowledge can only be acquired first hand, Dennis is on a quest to find out “what the hell is really happening?” With significant experience as a motorcycle racer, swing dancer, mixed martial artist, historian, hypnotist, photographer, investor and now as a writer, Dennis can meaningfully claim to be either a real renaissance man, or a real scatterbrain.Inspired by Paul Theroux’s travel essays, and Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, Dennis can be found seeking enlightenment while traveling through Asia, usually with a notebook and camera in hand, getting into trouble, and documenting it for future tales of intrigue.

He is currently on a quest to be the world champion of the infamous bar game, “Connect 4” and can often be found trying to prove it from a barstool in Thailand.

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