The Bronx Bombing

Author: P.N. Gwynne
Pages: 272
Language: English
Publication date: 01/09/2018
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It was just a matter of time... ...and then time ran out.
It was just a matter of time...

...and then time ran out.

“Sir. Major. If I may. Here’s the situation as I see it. One, we got what looks to us like a 90% sure-thing, imminent terrorist attack. But two, there’s nothing that would hold up in court, no smoking gun, not even close. And three, there’s a 50-50 chance that the info we do have, we got from a source we weren’t supposed to listen to in the first place. So we’re stuck. But I’m thinking, sir, that we’ve gotta move the needle on this sucker or we’re gonna find ourselves in a world of hurt, and probably soon. ”

From Canada, senior Jihadis plot a mortar attack on Yankee Stadium.
A disgruntled Muslim ex-US soldier and a Hezbollah-type set up in the south Bronx, then travel to Fort Drum and, disguised as pizza deliverers, steal a mortar and ammo.
A small Army Intel 'monitoring' team accidentally stumbles onto what it fears might be something horrendous, but is worried about, and hampered by, ambiguous regulations. Finally, an exasperated CPT Vic Paisley and 1LT Rita Patel decide to take matters into their own hands...Forget “legal.” Will they succeed in stopping the carnage? They've gone rogue... but time's run out....

“THE BRONX BOMBING is a supercharged terror-thriller that captures the current political dystopia. P.N. Gwynne is le Carré on steroids.”—- EDWARD JAY EPSTEIN, author of THE ANNALS OF UNSOLVED CRIME and HOW AMERICA LOST ITS SECRETS
'Chalk up another win for canny P.N. Gwynne, as his operatives struggle to stop a satanic plot to explode opening day at Yankee Stadium.'—-- RICHARD A. PHALON, ex-NEW YORK TIMES Asia Bureau Chief; veteran investigative reporter for FORBES Magazine

'P. N. Gwynne is Back! THE BRONX BOMBING is an exciting, fast paced thriller that only Gwynne can uniquely contrive.'—JAMES E. HORN, former American “Diplomat” and author of EXPERIENCING ISLAM and ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE
“A grippingly ingenious novel by the always-entertaining P. N. Gwynne. Full of terrifying possibilities, THE BRONX BOMBING is an impossible-to-put-down excursion into the War on Terror.”— PETER ALAN LLOYD, author of BOMBED OUT! and screenwriter of M.I.A.: A GREATER EVIL

Praise for P. N. GWYNNE:
'The author's sensibility, however disturbing, is always expressed with wit. Mr. Gwynne can write.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES Book Review
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In the real world, the pseudonymous P. N. GWYNNE is a much-traveled American businessman who's well acquainted with the Middle East and Asia, and who's lived and worked in half the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.
Before going into private business, he was a US Army 1st lieutenant who was awarded the Bronze Star in Vietnam, after which he joined the CIA, where he was an officer in its Clandestine Service, with a paramilitary tour in northern Laos.
In the late 1970s and early 80s, while an executive in a mining company there, (and although an American citizen), he was also Honorary British Consul in the Central African Republic.
In 2000 he was called as an expert witness before the House Ways And Means Committee's Sub-Committee on International Trade, and since 2006, multiple opinion pieces of his have been published in National Review and The Wall Street Journal. In 2016 he appeared in a Discovery Channel documentary on the Hmong people of northern Laos, a subject on which in 2018 he was invited to speak at the European Parliament.
Completely fluent in French and Spanish, he is a member of The Special Forces Club in London, the Air America Association, the (US) Special Operations Association, and Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.
He currently divides his time between Europe and his native New York.
His previous novels are FIRMLY BY THE TAIL (1976) and PUSHKIN SHOVE (1984)

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