The First Portal

Pages: 320
Language: English
Publication date: 12/04/2011
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A cult novel
Diana’s experience, her knowledge, her values and the future of her young life are challenged.

In England, a mysterious Book containing many ancient truths is re-discovered. In its contents are hidden the answers to many of the unsolved mysteries of our Earth.

In California, Diana is standing by a swimming pool in Anaheim when a small satellite crashes into the water. Where in Outer Space has it come from? Why now? Why there? What is inside? What is the significance of the Rod? With it, Diana is taken through the time-space continuum to another world, tasked to retrieve the Scroll before the Dark Wraiths can use it to further their evil intentions. Who is the 110 year–old Alienne? Who is the mysterious Tracker? Or The Lord of that Universe: Chond? Why are there 99 children on the prison moon?

It is first of Diana’s seven challenges.

She will survive!

Once you start reading, believe me you won’t be able to put the book down!
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The genesis for the story came from my 12 year old daughter, Catherine Frances. As we debated her ideas, so many additional themes developed, new characters emerged and the interweaving began.

The author lives in England, enjoys travel on Earth and would like to go further and higher. He is fascinated by the history of mathematics: he would like to have met Leonardo Fibonacci and Fr Luca Pacioli

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