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Wonderful short stories from Asia
Hi, guys! I'm Laila. My world is very different from your one. I did not pass the tests for survival, that are done on becoming adult, so I was sold to a Pakistani man as his first sex slave - by the law he could use me for anything. As my master, he can do it anytime. Oh, if only you knew, how DEARLY I want to live!
I, once, was a different Laila like any other young girl living around you, who has dreams and hopes. But she died and vanished. I never saw her again, but she lives with me still. Inside me. I feel. My desire to be close to her, and our friendship, was too pure for others to bear. Her death nearly kills me. But she tells me it's okay, because they didn’t take all of her away. Some of her stayed. Within me. And she’s everywhere I go. I see her kind eyes in the eyes of the animals that are at ease around me, and some of the people too. Not many. Animals are better than most people as she said. But some. I miss her terribly, but I hold her close.
WHAT?! I can hear you telling, 'what a sorry, pitiful fate for a cheery young girl'?! Pshaw! Dare to pity me once more, and I'll call you a weakling - and add some other nasty words on top of that! I am not some stupid pitiful thing crushed by the conditions she is living in! I am Laila! I am cheery, I am happy, I am savoring every moment of my last year - I want it all to the last drop! I have no use for pity: it'll ruin my life for nothing. I would better be strong, and to be safe in my presence you'd better don't be some weakling too! I say: if you feel any pity for me - just shove it up your sorry ass and laugh with me instead! I daresay I prefer laugher feeling pity - are you telling me you prefer otherwise?
Still with me, not bolted out? Well, this proves you are not SO much a weakling to run away after some nasty jokes! Be my friend! But beware - there are things that are more dangerous than just nasty jokes - and they could happen with people in my presence because I'm a shining person - that's exa
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Muhammad Nasrullah Khan is a fiction writer from Pakistan, currently living in Saudi Arabia where he is lecturer in English at Taif University. His short stories have appeared in a number of publications, online and off. He is a contributor to Evergreen Review, Indiana Voice Journal, Newtopia Magazine, Gowanus Books, Offcourse literary Journal, The Raven Chronicles, and many others. Contact:

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