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opaque and violet

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Publication date: 04/07/2014
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Three short stories
In this small book contains only three short stories drawn from my own raccolta.ognuna of the stories is set in different times and places, I tried to represent some reality always present to us men, conflicts unpleasant events, passion, and other feelings . every my character is not a singular and static character in the short story of the journey often change their opinion or even turn against their expectations.
In Cannibals which is the first of the stories is obvious that dynamic.
In the second story Ernesto will not tell you
In the third'' Wrestle for a thousand and rest alone'' I'm talking about a guy wants to get out of the bondage of unemployment.
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Born in a small town near Naples, precisely in Torre del Greek, I started to write poems many years ago, ten years I devote myself to writing short stories ever published, I am a person like any other, nor too high and he low, or too intelligent or poco.Write helps me to understand the human characteristics of all of us including the contradictions and flaws also dramas, carry the entire system into the wonderful world of writing for what I can recreate other possibilities for the people who live with me forever.

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