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Join David, an Englishman in Thailand, on his adventure to discover the truth about this wonderful country. His journey to find the home of the woman he loves takes him off the beaten track, away from the tourist destinations and far away from the ba read more ...
5.99 €
蓝冰是加拿大某电视台的记者,一次偶然的机会发现地产开发商的丈夫有婚外情,这给他俩二十年的幸福婚姻划上了句号,蓝冰也陷入了痛苦之中。这时,蓝冰的好友梅和约翰医生刚从中国回来,他俩是加拿大的眼科医生,也是一家国际慈善组织的志愿医生,每年用自己的假期自费到中国的大西北为那里的穷人做白内障免费摘除手术,在他俩的开导下蓝冰重新振作起来。 她回到了阔别多年的中国,在她高中好友任台长的南州电视台工作。在为一个慈善机构做筹款节目时,蓝冰认识了英俊潇洒、与前夫彼得长得很相像的混血儿朗俊,他从法国回来是南州电 read more ...
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Diana’s experience, her knowledge, her values and the future of her young life are challenged. In England, a mysterious Book containing many ancient truths is re-discovered. In its contents are hidden the answers to many of the unsolved mysteries read more ...
9.25 €
The Story of Prince Vlad Dracula's Lost Love
Legend has it that the love of Prince Vlad Dracula’s life committed suicide during a siege where the odds of winning were slim. Who was she? Author Christine Frost tells the story of Ecaterina Floari, consort to Vlad the Impaler, the Romanian prince read more ...
2.29 €
A tale of the many colourful and diverse people in the rainb
A tale of the many colourful and diverse people in the rainbow nation of New South Africans 'Like Alan Paton, Craig Lock reaches to the heart of the troubled 'Beloved Country'. In his new novel Lock, perceptively and with an understanding of the h read more ...
5.00 €
Many people do not understand the impact divorce has on the lives involved. This book explains in depth the way 2 children learn to cope with the collapse of their parents marriage. They learn to survive the mental issues that arise with going from a read more ...
9.19 €
The Life of Moses Grandy
In the year 1800, twelve-year-old Moses is put on the auction block for the first time, to be hired out by the year until adulthood. He experiences the cruelty and inhumanity of slavery, forging his character and his faith in God. In adulthood, hi read more ...
3.06 €
Ein süffiger geschriebener Roman, der fasziniert. Unglaublich sagen Sie, wie kann so etwas passieren, - nur dies ist die Lebensgeschichte des Autors. Ich habe den Autor persönlich kennengelernt, als er mir sein breites Wissen als mündlicher Englis read more ...
20.00 €
a personal account
Introduction: Dolphins have been fascinating human for a long time and since a few years, reports about healing and Therapy with Dolphins around the world, have become more common and gain on popularity. Since more than 8 years, there is a trust read more ...
2.95 €
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