Elysian Fragrance - Elysische Klänge

Pages: 51
Language: German
Publication date: 01/02/2013
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Inspirierende und erbauende Verse in Deutsch u. English
Elysian Fragrance/Elysische Klänge of the Gardens of Verse discloses revelatory vistas that can lift and inspire the mind and he heart. Through a poetic prose approach it explores common and uncommon horizons of the visible and the more hidden. The various scents and fragrances released by the diverse blossoms of the blooming Elysian Rose Gardens add up to a vibrational field with insights, perceptions and emotions of an uncommon kind. They are an Elysian experience more timeless and perennial than ephemeral gratification of the senses. Sometimes they allow us to catch a glimpse of the deep undercurrents of existence and the divine melodies form beyond. The ultimate quest is totality, authenticity, truth, love…: the wholeness of life that integrates its myriads of manifestations; inner wholeness as well as cosmic wholeness; the perception and understanding of the singularity of the totality of creation
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