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Earth AD 2170

Pages: 43
Language: English
Publication date: 15/06/2020
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With a populace of 183 billion the twelve members of the United Earth's Council were faced with a food problem. After a while they found a solution resulting in fatal and extraordinary consequences.
By 2170, in a world short of males, civil unrest had ensued, and the UEC’s Protector Force tried to subdue it, resulting in civil war, during which a mysterious, deadly virus broke out … and the eventual death toll passed thirty billion.
Help to combat the virus was sought and Professor John Webb, of African birthright, was asked to find a cure, and after coming close to discovering the cause of the virus he narrowly escaped death, after which he was forced to embark on a journey over land and sea with his children and his three wives; two of which were telepathic and played havoc daily with the poor man’s libido.

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About the Author
The author Ellen Dudley, a qualified accountant and ghostwriter, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany near the Dutch border after writing, co-writing and editing over ninety books of different genres with her father, author Thomas Jason Edison. The genres are Fantasy. Science-Fiction. Science-Fiction-Fantasy. Crime Thrillers, Romance and tales of the Holocaust.

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