Never The Dawn

Pages: 323
Language: English
Publication date: 12/03/2014
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steampunk science fiction with airships and mysterious sentient globes of light
Never The Dawn takes place in an alternate world where the Earth is divided up between several competing empires. Within one of these, Albion, strange events are beginning to manifest themselves, not least on the battlefront in West Africa.

Never The Dawn is an epic alternate history set in an alternate world where the Empire of Albion rules a great chunk of the Earth, and where its war in West Africa is going badly wrong. Globes of lights are attacking outposts and aiding native resistance, seeming impervious to modern arms.

Airships, heraldic chivalrous orders who act as much like mafia as they do a knightly throng, and the giant computing system Colossus, all combine to make a globe-spanning adventure a true alternate history experience. Never The Dawn features a dissipated imperial court, Imperial Princes and Princesses, and an Emperor nobody has seen for a long time, a gathering of characters energised to discover the secret to the mysteries of the lights.
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The Innovate Team consists of Grey Wolf, editor, Ruya Arts, illustrator, with contributors Swaroop Acharjee, Elizabeth Audrey Mills, Alec Hawkes, K D Rose and Mark Fleming

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