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Psychic Knights - Reformation

Book 1

Author: P.B.Thompson
Pages: 273
Language: English
Publication date: 05/02/2012
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A Sci/Fi adventure following the Psychic Knights across the galaxy's
The Psychic Knights are the saviours of the Naturals in a galaxy ruled by the TechPsychers. Having formed after escaping capture by the TechPsychers nearly 100 years ago, the five natural psychers have grown into a formidable team. Their success rate for rescuing Naturals is unrivalled by any other team on Prius 3. However, limited resources and the lure of a big rescue mission on Earth, puts the team in a situation that ends badly. Thorn, the Psychic Knights leader, is rescued just moments from death by Torst, a Vulzeon who has been monitoring the Psychic Knights and who thinks they could be the answer to his races problems.

With his team gone, Thorn is convinced by Torst to begin a training program that would take advantage of an increase in his psychic abilities from the effects of the neural bomb attack that ended the Psychic Knights.

Thirty years on and Thorn finds out that his team could still be alive, scattered throughout the galaxy. On his most personal mission to date he sets off to find his brothers, to reunite the Psychic Knights and then finally rid the galaxy of the TechPsychers. Along the way he comes into possession of a relic that is tied into his future. A future that would see the Psychic Knights embark on the greatest mission of their lives to save not just the galaxy, but the universe.

An 82000 word novel.

This is the first book in the Psychic Knights series.

Books 2 and 3 will be released in 2012.

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P B Thompson was born in 1968 in Tottenham, London. He began his working life as a mechanic for 9 years. In 1995, after 2 years unemployed, he began his new career as a Computer Engineer. His writing started in 2005, starting with a novel and then onto some short story's for competitions followed by more novels.

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