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The Bluff of the Hawk

'A trick? Carse was famed for them. A trap? But how?'

Author: Anthony Gilmore
Pages: 20
Language: English
Publication date: 10/07/2011
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'A trick? Carse was famed for them. A trap? But how?'
Had not old John Sewell, the historian, recognized Hawk Carse for what he was--a creator of new space-frontiers, pioneer of vast territories for commerce, molder of history through his long feud with the powerful Eurasian scientist, Ku Sui--the adventurer would doubtless have passed into oblivion like other long-forgotten spacemen. We have Sewell's industry to thank for our basic knowledge of Carse. His 'Space-Frontiers of the Last Century' is a thorough work and the accepted standard, but even it had of necessity to be compressed, and many meaty episodes of the Hawk's life go almost unmentioned.
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