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The Slayer

Pages: 387
Language: English
Publication date: 12/03/2014
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adventure science fiction in a modern world with gladiators and the plague
Set in a world where the Black Death recurs every hundred years, or thereabouts, the world of The Slayer has evolved in an entirely different way to our own.

Jason Wolfe awakens in an unfamiliar apartment, to find that someone who looks like him has led a very different life, has killed many people and taken grotesque trophies.

Slowly he comes to realise that this is not his world, but one where an alternate self has risen to one of the highest ranks possible, not only that of advisor to the Emperor of Albion, but of Slayer, the national champions who come into their own whenever there is a plague outbreak.

The Slayer is a novel of discovery, adventure, love and relationships in a world a million miles distant from that which he knows. Sometimes his friends are obvious, many times his enemies are not.

The Slayer contains a host of characters, from Emperor Lucius IV with his Castillian wife, his young daughter Bobbie, Imperial Princess Candice, Prince Rann, Princess Geraldine, and many others such as the Neapolitan ambassador, the denizens of an Albion submersible battleship, rival Slayers, and many others, too many to mention!

Read The Slayer to discover how Jason Wolfe manages to deal with the conundrum of his situation.
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The Innovate Team consists of Grey Wolf, editor, Ruya Arts, illustrator, with contributors Swaroop Acharjee, Elizabeth Audrey Mills, Alec Hawkes, K D Rose and Mark Fleming

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