Under Artic Ice

Ken Torrance races Poleward to the aid of the submarine Peary, trapped in an icy

Author: HG Winter
Pages: 26
Language: English
Publication date: 10/07/2011
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Ken Torrance races Poleward to the aid of the submarine Peary, trapped in an icy limbo of avenging sealmen.
Deadline Passed for Missing Submarine

Point Barrow, Aug. 17 (AP): Planes sent out to search for
the missing polar submarine Peary have returned without
clue to the mystery of is disappearance. The close search
that has been conducted through the last two weeks,
involving great risks to the pilots, has been fruitless, and
authorities now hold out small hope for Captain Sallorsen,
his crew and the several scientists who accompanied the
daring expedition.

If the Peary, as is generally thought, is trapped beneath
the ice floes or embedded in the deep silt of the polar
sea-floor, her margin of safety has passed the deadline, it
was pointed out to-day by her designers. Through special
rectifiers aboard, her store of air can be kept capable of
sustaining life for a theoretical period of thirty-one days.
And exactly thirty-one days have now elapsed since last the
Peary's radio was heard from a position 72° 47' N, 162° 22' W,
some twelve hundred miles from the North Pole itself.

In official circles, hope was practically abandoned for the
missing submarine, though attempts will continue to be made
to locate her....
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