A Witch’s Touch

Author: Elizabeth Reed
Pages: 10
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2014
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fantasy fiction sweet romance short story
This a Fantasy Fiction Romance Short Story – 5,951 word count

Ethan is left on his sick bed with fatal battle wounds. Now all he awaits is for death to claim him. Instead, he is visited by a mystery woman who comes to his room each night to care for and nurse him back to good health. He is surprised by his record recovery, but even more so by his strong attraction to his new protector, who gives him a new will to live and grow strong again.

Ava is returning a favour from Ethan, who had come to her aid in the past. She will see to it that Ethan lives on and becomes as strong as he was before. However, she has not counted on the favour bringing her closer to her patient as they spend more time together and bond. She knows that she must rid herself of these new found feelings towards Ethan before he finds out the truth about her—that she is a witch—and looks at her with disdain.

Can there be any hope that Ethan and Ava will be able to save each other, and make a new, happier life together?
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