In Small Doses 3 (Abridged)

A Short Story Collection

Author: Hallett German
Pages: 8
Language: English
Publication date: 16/03/2014
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UNusual and daring short story collection
From the author of the Olivia Plymouth and Corporate Intent Series, the author's third short story collection. These twenty stories are the most wide-ranging and creative to date.
Topics include the paranormal, business and IT, technology, sociology priests, bugs, airports, education, ninjas, the brain and more. An interesting and unique read.

* Run Away Sarah - Find out what happens when you check out the wrong library book.
* Night as Frontier - A descriptive experimental piece about nightlife in a city.
* Going Down with the Ship - A tale of technological fads told through receipts.
* Airport Species - The consequences of short- and long-term exposure to airports.
* For Profit - Life in a company that makes all of their profits off their employees.
* Missing You - Showing how misinterpretations can have consequences.
* On Call - Suppose the next call that you pick up may be your last?
* Demo Curse - Giving a sales demo during a disaster.
* Sev 1 Bride - IT Guys and Gals come with baggage from a dating perspective. Find out why.
* The Conference - All he had to do was go into the office that day...
* Ninja Boss - A manger disappears and appears at will knowing everything about you.
* Another Bug in the Ear Story - A symbiotic relationship as told during Biology class.
* Scared Spit - What happens when the success bar is continuously raised.
* The Vain Woman that Became a Vampire - All about a night with the wrong guy and looking into mirrors.
* The Professor’s Daughter - It is never too late to learn that someone always loved you.
* The Ministry of Happiness - A king with his ever-changing focus and the impact on his subjects.
* Brainscream - A brainstorm from the brain’s viewpoint
* Life Encounter - Unanswered questions from one moment in time
* Priests of Humanity - Sociological priests oversee a troubled society.
* Passing Conversation - It is the smiles we don’t receive that stay with us
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Hallett German is a fiction and technical subject author on various aspects of IT. His works of fiction cross multiple genres including children, young adult, dysfunctional corporate mysteries/fantasies, historical fiction, and steampunk. His books offer a unique and original ride into other worlds and lives.

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