Out of Africa

A Collection of Short Stories

Author: Rebone Makgato
Pages: 326
Language: English
Publication date: 11/07/2011
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Original Short Stories from Africa
Out of Africa is a collection of short stories from a South African perspective. The stories cover a wide range of subjects and include two award-winning entries. The collection also includes never-before published stories from the 80s and the early nineties.

Can loving parents turn around the life of a wayward teenager?
What price do we pay for helping a stranger?
How far can a drug addict go to get his fix, and is there anything a mother can do to stop him?
What does it take to change the life of a thug? Can HIV stand in the way of a seasoned criminal?
Countless men deal with abusive spouses in their homes...and bottle it up.
Is there a remedy for a woman who abuses her husband? Can going through a cleansing program curb abusive women's anger? Will a daughter welcome home a mother who had killed her father back from prison?
Mr Khumalo is a rich man who has terrible problems no medical science can make sense of. One doctor with extensive experience prides himself in curing paranormal ailments. The trouble is Mr Khumalo does not believe in the supernatural.
Will Mr Khumalo finally find relief for his personal troubles?
And what happens when a nurse falls in love with her patient?

The answers to these questions and many others are contained in Out Of Africa, a selection of 13 fascinating South Arica stories that make up this book.
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I am a novelist, poet, short story writer and an investigative journalist. I have written a number of books and winning short stories. They are also available in paperback on www.amazon.com. For more information visit my website: www.rebone.yolasite.com. You can also check out my blogs, The Winning Writer on www.blogs.24.com/rebonemakgato, Writes On Rebone on www.rebone.blogspot.com

In addition to my writing career, I am a trained chemist.I run a chemicals business called Rebochem. Rebochem supplies laboratory chemicals, laboratory equipment, laboratory apparatus and glassware, and lab science kit packages to both junior and high schools, as well as universities, research/medical laboratories and manufacturing industry.

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