Where the Sun Sets

Eiso Publishing

Author: Nelson Lowhim
Pages: 75
Language: English
Publication date: 02/02/2012
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A series of stories that stretch around the world and to Hell and back.
Where the Sun sets is a collection that includes three short stories and a 'novellete'. The stories take place all around the world, as well as beyond our world. Take a trip through the human experience with these stories.

'Night After'...In New York City: A man wakes up after an uncomfortable night... Liquor, a bar, an unknown dwelling, all drip through his memory.
He settles down with another drink. A man from the night walks in front of him.
As the tension burns the air between them, images of the night come forward. Someone else was involved; that person's presence hangs in the air.
What happened?
What did he do? And does he now have to pay for his sins?

This is a short tale on the motivations of a writer, what he does to achieve that, and his hopes for even a moment of bliss.

'Clara'... In Tanzania: Clara watches as her husband is lowered into the ground. Tears fall from her cheeks onto the dusty African earth. Her son looks up at her. With her husband's body lies a terrible secret.
Should she tell her son? Their fates are intertwined.
As she retraces her steps to find an answer, she realizes that everything she thought she knew may have been the problem to begin with.

This story take us on a journey into human relationships, love, the bonds of a family, and how they can be torn apart by larger forces.

'Just Smile'... In France: The protagonist wakes up from a dream.

His hotel room—European and sparse—is littered with his effects. The dream refuses to fade away... images of war, murder, the hatred of his friends back home haunt him, skew his interactions with the world.

This story looks at one man's adaptation to life without war.

'Satan's Plea'... In Hell: The battle between good and evil, God and Satan.
A fight older than time.
But is everything we know about this struggle just a matter of propaganda? Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Shaytan sure thinks so. In this letter he tries to convince the human race, you, of his intentions.
They are pure.
Everything that was blamed on him was done as a smokescreen to cover more sinister motives.
The Fall? Not merely a matter of wanting to rule in Hell over serving in Heaven.
The Garden of Eden? He was trying to help us.
Jesus? Don't even ask.

With this letter Lucifer tells us his version of all the stories to settle his mind and settle the injustices of this world once and for all. Be careful... you might find yourself on the wrong side.
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A prolific writer who has written some of this century's most engrossing books, Grunn has always strived to write page-turners for the everyday man or woman. As a child he spent his time in class writing then, when he became an adult, turned this passion into his life. His books are sold throughout the world, and enjoyed by people of all backgrounds.

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