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Tue chilling accounts of paranormal experiences. A harmless little boy in PJ's. A terrifying sinister voice. Seeing a young girls eyes turn coal black. Feeling as if something had taken control of my body. read more ...
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The Tale of Kieu
There have been at least five English translations of the work in the last half century. Kim Van Kieu[1] by Le-Xuan-Thuy, presenting the work in the form of a novelette, was widely available in Vietnam in the 1960s. The Tale of Kiều, a scholarly anno read more ...
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Tales from Africa vividly captures the lives of many in Africa. Susan Wood’s explicit use of descriptive language gets the reader involved in the events described and at the same time relates with most of the happenings. She addresses a number of iss read more ...
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The book Caribbean Collection of Short Stories seeks to bring to the fore what in the Caribbean is quickly slipping away as we move into a developed society. Our history, as well as what makes us a peculiar people are being eroded and replaced by oth read more ...
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I found that the biggest difference between me and Chai Ying is that she has ideals and I don't. Chai Ying was my colleague. We were editors in the magazine 'You and I Health' and our desks were once face to face. But I only did half a year to resign read more ...
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audio-book (unabridged)
2003 Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book (Caribbean & Canada Region) 2002 City of Calgary W. O. Mitchel Book Award 2001 Canongate Prize for short fiction The Scent of a Lie is a book of fourteen inter-connected stories set in two ch read more ...
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Once upon a time, he was the coolest radio DJ at WKPX Harveyville. He always played the really good music and not the plastic pop pap that the corporate overlords wanted him to play. Until the day that he launched the apocalypse protocol, almost trig read more ...
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Author preface I live in a place that has a beautiful, cheerful climate, but lives in a blend of good people away from education. The nights can be diminished by the fears of thieves and assassins, the nights of starry sky but mixed with the sound o read more ...
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