The Adventures of Mothupi

Author: JB Malatji
Pages: 52
Language: English
Publication date: 01/08/2016
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In pursuit of your purpose? If yes, then read on!
“The Adventures of Mothupi” is a short story that teaches about life, its ups and downs and the choices we make in reacting to how these experiences affect us.
The challenges and difficulties with which we meet in life are never intended to make us bitter but better people. They are intended to give spark to our pursuit of purpose. Parenting, more especially from fathers gives impetus to children’s confidence in their determination for success in life. It becomes easier for children growing up in the presence of an active father to learn skills relating to triumphs over tragedies. They learn early in life about the principles of life and how to apply lessons learned leading them to greatness

“The Adventures of Mothupi” is a short story about a teenage boy’s tragic events and how he beat the odds and become a successful young man and an adult.

At only 16 years old and without any mortal guidance, Mothupi had to make decisions that would affect and map out his entire life. His contended peaceful life was thrown upside down when his father, mother, sisters, uncle and cousins were brutally murdered by a mob in Komati village. He was the only family member who survived the onslaught. It became a painful, difficult and challenging journey for a teenage boy who had never ventured out of the comfort of his protected and loving environment.

“The Adventures of Mothupi” is about a teenage boy who learned early in life about the principles of life relating to triumphs over tragedies emanating from the power of forgiveness that has the power to build strength and courage for his determination for success in life.
All the experiences with which Mothupi met in life, the generational conflicts that his grandparents had to endure, and the hate crimes committed against his family have taught him valuable lessons – that forgiveness has the power to set the victims free, set them on a path to discover the reason for their existence resulting in their pursu
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JB Malatji is a married father of two, an author, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a business and management consultant. He is passionate about people development and is inspired by the resilient nature of the human spirit, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom.

JB Malatji always encourages his audience to choose paths that will result in their pursuit of purpose, the determination for success in life, to always tap into the power of forgiveness to unleash their potential to be great, and learn skills relating to triumphs over tragedies.

JB Malatji has written three books, one on personal financial development, one on business development, and one fiction on adventure and survival. After all of what benefit is success without a good caring character?

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