Film Tags

Author: Robert Cettl
Pages: 138
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2010
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The First Anthology of Movie Taglines
Often, what gets lost in movie hype is the creation of the hype itself. 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' is an example of a movie tagline that entered the popular lexicon (Star Wars in case you needed prompting): indeed, movie taglines fill an awesome responsibility in the distinct art of movie promotion. The ideal tagline must not only work to sell the movie as a viewing experience but also encapsulate the philosophical, moral or dramatic essence of the film in the equivalent of what the digital age would term a 'sound byte'. How have the movies handled it? With surprising charm, wit complexity and entertainment! Yet, although there have been anthologies on almost every aspect of the movie-going experience there has not previously been a book (let alone an ebook) devoted exclusively to the movie tagline. Film Tags is just that - a meticulously researched and compiled e-anthology for the film connoisseur, buff and scholar alike.
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Robert Cettl is a former SAR Research Fellow at Australia’s National Film & Sound Archive [NFSA] and certified foreign expert living and working in Shanghai, China.

A freelance author, ethnographic filmmaker, University English-as-a-Foreign-Language [EFL] lecturer, private teacher and independent digital publisher, his professionally published non-fiction books have been collected by such as the BFI, the US Library of Congress and the National Libraries of Australia and China.

He self-publishes experimental multi-media auto-ethnographic ebooks (non-fiction, fiction, poetry) and also publishes third-party selections of avant-garde literary and artistic works by other authors.

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