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The Wild World of the Horror Film Fanzine
From Famous Monsters of Filmland to Fangoria… and everything in between, Xeroxferox by John Szpunar, is much more than a book about monster magazines. Coming in at over 800 pages, It is the first book of its kind to examine the home-grown DIY fanzine read more ...
11.85 €
The book is all about what are anime and manga. Their history and evolution and differences between them are also shown. Some of the best current/upcoming Anime and Mangas are also discussed in the book. read more ...
22.15 €
Chinese pirate DVD covers first came to the attention of Western audiences for the “Chinglish” content and the bizarre promotional and linguistic inaccuracies of the cover art. Amusing, out-of-place or irrelevant English decorating a cover which ha read more ...
7.08 €
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