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College Degree and Mortgages with No Long Term Debt
How do rich people pay for what they want? You'd be shocked to discover that most of them don't pay for what they have; instead, they use a 1,000 year-old economic principle, it's known as a “balance sheet set-off”. It's how the rich buy expensive toys, mansions, vacations and yachts, but it can be used for anything that costs you money, such as a new car, a home or even college tuition. You don't need good credit and you don't need boat loads of cash either.
You will discover how my 9 member family and I enjoyed a two-month, $30,000 vacation in Europe using this same “balance sheet set-off” method.
What if you are well beyond college and find that you need to replace or supplement your pension fund? It's the same plan, and takes anywhere from 3 to 18 months. This same strategy can be used to buy a house, even with a traditional mortgage, but why not consider a new trend, “The 7 Year Mortgage”?
Learn new ways of buying any home, even for investment purposes, using only short term debt. The days of a 30 year mortgage are waning, people are getting smarter, the market is changing. Why should anyone be working for the banking system all of his adult life? Discover how people are changing this and how you can benefit from the trend and get your own house with no long-term debt.
Subtitle: Signature and Online Security
You will also discover how to get financial security for the use of your signature and other personal information with an explanation of endorsements, signature stamps and claims you can make against your identity, including biometric data.
We've included a bonus that explains how you can totally encrypt your life, online, using the “Gold USB”. There are references in the text to call for assistance if you have questions from reading the material, but this book is written to be complete, without any missing instructions.
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