The Truth About Money

Pages: 131
Language: English
ISBN: 9783966334983
Publication date: 22/02/2020
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The actual facts regarding money and its history and future.
The world financial community at the government banking level is in a very overleveraged and highly volatile and vulnerable situation and is about to collapse due to very carefully laid out plans. This books shows how China is unfairly taking advantage of the USA and how they intend to be part of the replacement of its currency and how that will effect you.
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The author is a former high level Diplomat (Ambassador At Large and Consulate General) that has worked with personnel from several prominent intelligence agencies including personnel from MI6, the CIA, the KGB and others, and was secretly recruited at age 12 by the Illuminati Counsel, as a genetically engineered alien human hybrid with special enhancements and abilities and significantly increased intelligence, as part of the carefully planned Illuminati Agenda, and groomed all his life for his current role as Chairman of the Illuminate Counsel.

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