Five for Crime

5 More Short Stories of Crime and Mystery

Pages: 98
Language: English
Publication date: 29/05/2011
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Five more short stories featuring detectives solving crimes.
Stories included are 1903 - Murders at Sea, Mystery of the $124,000 Rug, Square Headlights, Cyber Murder, and Mind Reader.

1903 - Murders at Sea: In 1903, the RMS Baltic leaves Liverpool, England. In 7 days it will arrive at New York City. However, a murderer roams the ship unknown to anyone, until the monster takes the life of victim number one. The next night victim number two dies. The captain realizes his career and livelihood are at stake, if he can't solve these violent crimes before they get to port. His investigative work uncovers a connection between the murdered women and a young man on board. Per his order, that night crewmen watch the suspect's room. But in the morning he's found with a broken neck. Worse yet, the next night a high profile senator dies, murdered too. Only a day left, the captain must wrap up the mystery on his ship or lose everything.

Mystery of the $124,000 Rug: Johnson, a PI, needs money. A job comes up, investigating a theft of a Persian rug. As he discovers, the rug isn't normal. Besides its $124,000 value, the theft was impossible given the security in the house it disappeared from. But the theft happened. As Johnson uncovers the truth, he fervently wishes he'd never got involved. But what he knows forces his involvement to the end for better or worse.

Square Headlights: Little Jackson is seven, and has no dad. Besides that, all is normal until a car with square headlights begins following them regularly. At night, he hears someone inside after he and his mom are in bed. His mom starts dating, and Jackson feels ignored. He isn't the only one upset. The man with the square headlights is upset too. What's a little seven year-old to do against a murderous stalker?

Cyber Murder: Lindsey finds her husband dead. The robot he built somehow strangled him. The police call it a freak accident. Lindsey doesn't think so. She asks a robotics expert to examine the robot. She suspects her husband's nephews. The expert discovers secrets the dead man left in the robot, and one he didn't. Now, he's in danger knowing what he does. Someone who kills once will do it again.

Mind Reader: Dean Turner is a cop with a hidden talent. He knows if someone is lying. Jason is lying to him now. Jason denies killing his parents. Dean knows he's lying. Jason claims to have been partying with friends when his parents died. His friends confirm Jason's alibi. All are telling the truth. Dean has a dilemma. Has his 'gift' failed him? Who killed Jason's parents? The answer hides in his childhood.
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Action and adventure are what you’d expect in one of Nathan Pennington’s stories. Since he’s also always been an introvert (and no, that’s not a bad thing), he frequently uses internal dialog and the quirky thoughts of his characters show through in his writing.

A writer of both novels and short stories, Nathan draws on a wide range of experiences to make his stories realistic and exciting. If asked, his best source for writing material comes from merely observing what is really happening all around him on a daily basis.

Nathan currently lives with his wife and daughter in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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