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Author: Marie Williams more .. less ..
Read by: Marie Williams, Marie Williams, Marie Williams, Marie Williams
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Duration: 1 hrs 16 mins
Language: German
Publication date: 01/11/2017
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Once upon a time a tiny creature opens its eyes waking up to find her way......
A tiny creature is waking up on the petals of a sunflower in a far off country one day. The teensy weensy girl has itsy bitsy wings but does not know who she is and exactly where her home actually may be. That is why she is trying to find a home with a mouse and the swallow. But flying is becoming always more difficult for her and so, she decides to search for her true family and starts an adventurous trip…….
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Seit 20 Jahren führe ich meine Sprachschule. Ich liebe es, Geschichten mit interessanten, vielschichtigen Hintergründen zu lesen und dachte mir, dass eine Fabel für Jung und Alt, die ich bereits für meine Tochter erfand, Menschen ermutigt, ihren eigenen Weg zu finden.
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