The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor's Daughter

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Auteur : Chris Kalyta
Volume : 112 page(s)
Langue : English
Écrit en : Aug 2013
Verkaufsrang: - XinXii Verkaufsrang
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Rubrique : Littérature » Historique  |  Catégorie : Roman
Mots-clés : romance, erotica, sex, historical, 1812, love, fantasy, fiction

Love and romance against the backdrop of the 1812 war.

In 1812, Lieutenant Lawrence Orr is defending the Canadas from an American invasion. Grievously injured, he finds himself falling for the two women tending him. Will he choose the doctor's daughter, a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman who matches him socially? Or will it be her thoughtful and lovely maid?

"A beautifully descriptive treat for lovers of historical fiction. Set during the Battle of Queenston Heights during the war of 1812, it captures the period with clarity and emotion. A simply stunning read." ~ Gemma Parkes, UK

"The Doctor's Daughter juxtaposes a beautiful love affair with the turbulence of the War of 1812. Fans of historical romance will savor every word!" ~ Cindy Jacks, Washington, DC

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Inscrit en : Aug 2013
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Chris Kalyta is a proud Canadian and writes adventure and romance stories for adults. Some are fantasy-based, some science fiction or space opera, and some are historical or set in our own world.

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