From Friend Zone to Lovers in Few Hours

Author: Kerry Thompson
Pages: 37
Language: English
ISBN: 9783966333269
Publication date: 18/04/2020
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The pain of being stuck in the friend zone is one of the worst pain anyone would ever feel.
The pain of being stuck in the friend zone is one of the worst pain anyone would ever feel.

It is like being hungry, and in front of you is your favourite meal, but for some weird reasons, you are not able to grab it and satisfy your cravings.

Worst still, someone else comes along and grab what is rightfully yours and stuff it all into their mouths while you watch in unspeakable agony.

In fact, what I just explained above doesn't even come close to
explaining how bad the friend zone situation really is..

It is a case of a monkey doing all the hard, heavy lifting, while the baboon strolls to the podium to take all the glory.

You love her, right?

I know you do.

But she can't see it?

No matter what you do, she just can't picture you as the man in her life?

Now, I know all these because I have been in that painful ditch a lot of times in the distant past.

That was before I learned how to grab hold of the psychological steering wheels of a woman's mind.

But when I finally did, O boy, I just knew exactly what to do every time, to become the only man, they want to love all their lives.

And today, after you read this book, you will find out what I know now, that has helped me get the girls I really liked, to like me back 100 times, more than I liked them..

Get out of the friend zone while you still have the chance.

This book is your one-way ticket out of there..

Kerry Thompson.
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