Author: Nick Armbrister
Pages: 200
Series: JUNIPER’S DAUGHTER (vol. 2)
Language: English
Publication date: 28/06/2021
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A novel following up Juniper's Daughter The Final War by Nick Armbrister.
A novel following up Juniper's Daughter The Final War by Nick Armbrister. In a world full of violent gangsters, secret intelligence operatives, a shady witch called Juniper's Daughter, dark Goths and many other erotic characters, all are set for a showdown with the much vaunted English Army who is intent on invading and wiping them all out. The war rages on and the struggle continues in a world where poodle dogs have laser beam eyes and machine guns fire nuclear bullets. Science fiction meets the near future in this raunchy tough story of madness and dark humour. Set in a ficticious town called Renford in a war ravaged land, this story is an intimate look at one version of the future. Will people be nice to one another or will the Devil and death sweep the land? The characters are over the age of 18.
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Nick Armbrister is a poet/writer from Manchester, England. Born on 26/07/71 in Oldham. A town he loves and hates. He has written for two decades. His work includes poetry and stories on topics like aviation, history, erotica and current affairs.

Nick also likes aircraft, tattoos, alternative music, reading, learning new things and living a simple life.

Vividness, multi emotional and simplistic describe Nick's work. Jimmy Boom Semtex is his pen name. Nick has worked with other writers like Mel Grobler, Andy N, and PJ Reed. Nick's day jobs have included car bodywork, baking, fork lift truck driving, warehouse duties, making shoes and call centre work.

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