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On the epochal imperative of sustainable global governance and leadership strategies
In the aftermath of WW I, in 1919, George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize Laureate of Literature in 1925, was foreseeing the emergent global catastrophe of the time and expressed it dramatically in his play Heartbreak House: “Nothing happens, except a ship crushing on the rocks….” He may have been employing the Titanic disaster of April 1912 as a metaphor for what the world was heading for. According to A. C. Ward, G. B. Shaw wanted to convey the assumption that "cultured, leisured Europe" was drifting toward destruction”, because “those in a position to guide Europe to safety failed to learn their proper business of political navigation".

Based on historical experience we may assume that the world cyclically suffers from a lethal absence of political navigation or strategic governance skills as we might call it today. Political threats are driven by inexorable laws as much as technological, scientific and environmental threats. While the former is not new, the latter three contribute, in our time, to the magnification of the scope of the threat that assumes the shape and form of a total threat to the earth and everything on it, which in turn conjures up the image of the earth as a planetary Titanic heading for disaster unless the appropriate strategic navigation skills are applied in all vital domains immediately.

The time of the earth is running out as highly reputed representatives of the global scientific community such as the astrophysicist Steven Hawking from Cambridge University warn. According to this highly respected scientist the earth will not survive another 1000 years. He is among those who assume that based on scientific evidence extraterrestrial exploration followed by emigration of mankind to another planet is the sole refuge for the survival of humanity. According to him the planetary Titanic is irreversibly heading for a collision with the rocks of total environmental destruction. As – contrary to the historical Titanic
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