Good English Guide for GCE Level

Author: Tiong Ho Poh
Pages: 205
Language: English
Publication date: 01/07/2016
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This book will help you to improve your English with ease.
This book consists of over 3000 basic English Words you are expected to have mastered before going to the University College. Be respected and admired, speak and write Standard English. Each word is explained in details and is accompanied by a full sentence to indicate its meaning beyond any doubt. These words were selected from examination papers during the last thirty years, and they are the ones examiners love to deal with.

To prepare good curry, you need kitchen utensils and the basic ingredients like chilies, onion, ginger, garlic, cumin seed, coconut milk etc. Likewise, to prepare for the English paper of the General Certificate of Education ( SPM etc), you will need to know a number of basic English words. There are over 3000 basic words in this book. If you master all of them and still do not obtain a credit for your English paper, just return the book to me for a full refund.

GCE stands for General Certificate of Education, of the British schools. The 'O level' is for the Secondary school students during the fifth year of schooling in the secondary schools and the 'A' level is for those doing the sixth and 7th year which is the pre-university level. In Indonesia, and many other countries, you call it High School. For a student to do well in his or her studies, at university level, if the medium of instruction is English, he or she must have mastered about 3000 basic English words to understand what the lecturers are talking about.
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College trained secondary school teacher, with associate degree in specialised technology. I have worked in different countries, mainly on the Oil and Gas sectors.
Parapsychologists have confirmed there are people who have vivid memories of their former lives.
The soul is the mind which is not permanent but is a form of energy. This mind, if properly trained, enjoys unshakable freedom with inner equipoise that cannot be affected by gain and loss, honour and dishonor, praise and blame, pleasure and pain.
Buddhists are not detached and unconcerned with other beings. It is more correct to say Buddhists are not ruled by passions, desires, likes, and dislikes.
The intentional physical and mental actions decide what sort of life we will have in future. Cruel and evil people will be reborn in hell, or if in human world, at least ugly and in a predominance of painful experiences, with many defects. Therefore it is best to purify and free the mind.

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