80 Shortcut Keys For Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Author: Anurag Verma
Pages: 7
Language: English
Publication date: 21/06/2013
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Microsoft Excel Shortcuts
This short guide contains the short cut keys for microsoft excel which make the working easy with microsoft excel and increase the working speed.

This guide can be used in preparing long reports which required an extensive data analysis, formatting and long mathematical calculations. It shall be a ready refrences for the professionals who use microsoft excel in their day to day workings.
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The author, 32 years of age, now resides in Ghaziabad City, India, where he is working in a private company, an organization involve in executing turnkey power projects.
The author is a technical person, having bachelor degree in Electrical engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Finance.
Being a technical person, he used Microsoft excel extensively and discover some useful short keys of Microsoft excel during the extensive use of Microsoft excel. He has having a vast experience of working in corporate office of various private companies. The short keys mentioned in this guide book are very useful for the people who use Microsoft excel extensively.
The guide contains various shortcut keys for formatting, formula shortcuts, working with data, workbook basics, Navigation and Selection techniques. It shall be ready references for all those professionals who uses excel in their day to day workings. The user found it very useful during analysis of a bulk report or preparation of a report which required various kind of formatting and data analysis.
His works include several titles in non-fiction and some in fiction and poetry. He has been engaged in vernacular writing in his country since he was a teen-ager. He is currently working on a short fiction novel, into the English language. He assures his readers, however, of his earnest efforts in seeing to it that nothing is missed in the excel shortcut keys guide.
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