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Have you finally discovered that hiring an attorney during a collection process doesn't solve your problems and in fact, may make them worse? Settlement and Consolidation just costs too much, in service fees, taxes and the actual debt payments.
The only reason we want help in a collection process is because someone is trying to take our money and property and we want to stop it. In some cases we're willing to pay a little; however, why not just prevent the collection in the first place? It's just paperwork, you don't need to make legal arguments or appear in court.
There are no theories here, only 25 years of actual problem solving for real people all over the U.S.A. Who wants to avoid a lawsuit? How about avoiding a lawsuit without paying anyone? Even better, right? Learn how to leave litigants in the dust and win before you are even sued with a simple process of paperwork that takes only a few days to complete. You will be protected for the next 100 years with this one strategy.
Discover how simple it is to prevent anyone, including the IRS, from levying your bank account. Learn how you can block wage garnishments from any bank or debt collector. There are two legal principles that are very simple to use, one is known as “divesting your exclusive rights” and the other is a federal and state law known as the Consumer Credit Protection Act. If you can read the comics section of the newspaper, then you can understand this simple, step-by-step process to protect your bank account and wages from levies and garnishments.
Subtitle: Remove IRS Lien & Bankruptcy from Credit History
We've included a bonus that explains how to remove IRS liens and bankruptcy reports from your credit file. We're able to do this because the court system does not report the items to your credit file, and what's more, is that no creditor is reporting these items. You'll never guess who is reporting these items and how simple it is to force them to be removed and in some cases, even collect a $1,000 fine, payable to you, plus any damages.
We've included a additional bonus that explains how you can totally encrypt your life online using the Gold USB. There are references in the text to call for assistance if you have questions from reading the material, but this book is written to be complete, without any missing instructions.
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