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The natural Approach to Beauty

Tips and Recipes for natural Beauty Secrets

Author: Eva Beleco
Pages: 58
Language: English
Publication date: 01/01/2016
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how to keep your skin and body beautifull and healthy without chemistry
Welcome to The Natural Approach to Beauty, a quick one-stop guide to achieving a life-transforming new you. Like many, you are most likely already tired of the temporary benefits that you are getting from the beauty products that you use, whether topical or taken orally. And that’s not surprising. Scarcely are cosmetics and other beauty products designed to make people look their best for the long haul. But what we all really want is skin that glows even without the BB Cream, skin that is naturally flawless and ready for flaunting whatever time of the day.

This book’s aim is to bring you to a natural journey to achieve best skin that you can ever have, with tried and tested organic methods that have made a remarkable impact on the lives of many people, especially those that have been battling with skin problems for years. If you are currently struggling with skin issues like rosacea, dermatitis, or - the most common of all - acne, this is the best skin restoration guide for you. This book is going to help you take control of your condition and get naturally beautiful skin for good.

You will know that you have successfully gone through this natural beauty approach because you will notice significant changes in the overall appearance of your skin, not just on your face, but on your whole body, as well as slowly manage to go out without having to load your skin up with concealers and other products to hide your blemishes. At the same time, you should feel more rejuvenated, energized, and refreshed as you follow the tips elaborated in this book and find it easier and easier to maintain the kind of lifestyle that will keep you looking the best possible you.

Hello Natural Beauty
So you have tried everything to make your skin look better, from topical treatments and creams to antibiotics. But nothing seems to work.

Our skin is highly individual. What product works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone. We have different skin types, and so it is very important to get to know our skin before trying any kind of treatment, especially if we are trying to control skin condition like severe acne or rosacea. While most skin products today are accordingly labeled so that the people with the appropriate skin types only will use them, trying skin products out generally involves a trial and error process, where you will never know for sure what will work for you unless you try it. And when something doesn’t work, the sad thing is that we often have to deal with our skin condition getting much worse than what it had been. If you have been battling with severe skin problems for a long time, you know that this is not something that anyone will welcome, especially not you. We all want a cure.

What we want to achieve is natural beauty, the kind of skin that will no longer have to be aided by any chemically-formulated products that while they provide us some benefits actually possible harm us in some other ways. The kind of treatments that we want to use are those that can provide lasting results without us having to experience any adverse side effects or threats to our health. This is where the natural, organic approach to beauty comes in.

For the purpose of discussion in this book, we define natural beauty as the pleasant and long-lasting overall condition of our skin and health without the use of chemicals and other chemically-formulated products. Why is it so important that we opt for natural methods to achieve beautiful skin? Because while products may provide faster results, what they produce are scarcely long-lasting. Moreover, most products that people consider effective today can have adverse effects that make maintaining good skin tedious and, on some occasions, almost impossible.

Natural methods, on the other hand, while generally might take some time to produce significant results (not all), can provide results that will last and are easy to maintain.
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Eva Beleco is a half german, half australian scientist, whose main interest is a healthy way of living esp. when it comes to chemistry-free cosmetics and beauty-treatments.

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