The World, the Life

Information and Solution proposals.

Author: Rainer Nemayer
Pages: 43
Language: English
Publication date: 12/05/2013
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This book is a summary of different articles which I have already published .
This book is a summary of different articles which I have already published in different media.
However, new and enlarged contributions also exist.
We everybody move since generations on well-worn rails, either in the circle, or in which lead Nothing.
We are caught by education, traditions and many more.
We accept a lot without thinking about it whether this is logical and right.
By an immense number of unnecessary regulations and laws the last rest of our personal freedom gets slowly lost.
Certainly, in every society rules and regulations are necessary.
However, this may not be exaggerated.
Many of these laws are unnecessary and limit our freedom without reasonable reason.
Many live to work instead of reverse.
World views are instilled and are not often based on own opinion.
This and a lot is more against every reason.
In my book I point to these defects. Beside a lot of information, here I indicate the connections. Also a possible explanation of many things is included here.
She is right, with very high likelyhood.
Here in politics and economy you also find solutions to topical problems.
Moreover also belongs the education system,
You also find solutions to topical problems in this book and also something more.
Personal freedom and her restrictions as well as the subject Sexuality are also important.
Suppression is also an important subject.
Certainly, you will be in some points not of my opinion.
But my book makes you maybe think independently. I find also good to keep to the following principle:
1. The freedom of the singles is our most important property.
2. Political decisions must be made after usefulness, without preference of any interest groups.
3. By important decisions a plebiscite must occur. However, with this at least one majority of at least 75% is necessary because, otherwise, radicals and interest groups influence the result.
4. Laws and regulations, must be limited to one for order and security necessary minimum. They may not be influenced by world views or interest groups.
5. No state has the right to injure people or to kill. Exception: Self-defence and protection of the fundamental rights and the state and his citizens, as well as for the prevention of danger situations and with all things which offend against this principle. So long no damage originates through this to other people or the general public, the interests of the singles stand before those of the general public.
6. It may be forced upon children no religion or the similar. This can generate lasting damages (e.g., religious fanatics). It is better to take this principle and, perhaps, in the chapter Religion from given points as education rules.
7. Every person has the right in every country of the earth to life to earn his living, as far as he is ready to adapt himself the customs and social order of the country, as far as they are to be represented with this principle.
9. Everybody has the right, on the religion and world view of his choice. However, this may be forced not by society or education, but be based on own conviction. He may not bother other, however, with it against her will.
Jesus, Mohammed and all the other founders of the big religions wanted to be forced it in such a way, and not that person to her view, be led in her name wars and murders happen.
Many problems will free themselves from if the people understood which has her life form no special position on this planet, but only one of many is which are equal everybody.
The behaviour of every life form is programmed, also that of the person. This is also to be followed with regulations and laws.
The thing with the crown of the creation is, roughly said: My feet.
ISBN: 978-1-4709-5569-4
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Here I have to write about myself a little.
I was born in July 1945 in Upper Bavaria. Already in for & amp; uuml; hester childhood I have nothing but lived with and also believed nothing I have not seen or only when it has been clearly demonstrated.
My first school years I spent in Spain. At age 12 I returned to Germany. Since my Spanish education was not recognized at that time in Germany, I finished elementary school and learned Photographer afterwards. In the period also my first short stories were published.
Since 1998 I live in Spain again.
A good extra income, were and are my short stories. Also like to read my books and my photos are very popular.

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